floods hit Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.

"Three months’ worth of rain fell on the region in three days last week, creating the worst floods since records began 120 years ago."

Floods in Bosnia triggered landslides, one third of Serbia is under water.

At least 35 dead up until this point.

At this point it is quite obvious the people evacuated won’t be able to return to their home fr at least another 2 weeks. The land slides raise even more problems as entire land mines covered fields were moved. Water is also approaching the Nikola Tesla power plant in Serbia, which could lead to power outage in the country.

if you want to help:


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Any kind of help you can give is welcomed - if you live in any of the three flooded countries, check your local community to make any donations in food, water, clothes, sleeping bags etc. From what I understand, the main need now is water, but any kind of donations are welcomed.



So in Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia right now there are disastrous floods and thousands have lost their homes and many have died. Although this is the biggest flood Europe has seen in the past 120 years, news broadcasters such as CNN or NBC are not mentioning anything about it!!!!! All my family lives there and I’m really worried so if you could all pass on the word so that more people are aware of this horrible event, that would be much appreciate.